Turcite Introduction

About Turcite® B

What is Turcite?? Turcite? is PTFE (polytetrafluoroethyle

ne) resins with added fillers such as bronze, that are extruded into solid billets as opposed to compression molding. Billets are then skived to a nominal thickness in 24″ wide rolls, with lengths varying depending on thickness. One side or both sides are etched depending on application to accept the adhesive.

Turcite? B is a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based bearing material with low friction for machine tool industry linear bearing applications.

Turcite B? comes in 12″ wide rolls. Or we will custom cut to your specifications. There is no minimum order.

Testing has shown that PTFE based compounds are resistant to virtually all media, cutting fluids and slideway oils. Additionally, these compounds feature outstanding wear resistance and friction characteristics.

Head-to-head material testing has shown that Turcite? B outperforms key competitive materials for low friction. Turcite? B was developed to meet the needs of machine tool manufacturers looking to improve machine tool efficiencies through low friction material technology and reduce stick-slip effect in machine transitions while still maintaining positioning accuracy and vibration damping.

Features and Benefits of Turcite®B

  1. Low friction without stick slip for positional accuracy at different velocities, especially low speeds .
  2. Low coefficient of friction in intermittent lack of lubrications .
  3. Chemical resistant to a broad range of lubricants for extended product life .
  4. Reduces machine tool vibration through damping characteristics .
  5. Minimal abrasion of hardware, preventing damage to counter surfaces.
  6. High wear resistance for extended product life .
  7. Thicknesses to meet design requirements .


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